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Start your yoga teacher training anywhere in the world.

If you have ever considered becoming a yoga instructor, but weren't sure where to get started, you've
come to the right place. Teaching yoga can be an incredibly rewarding and profitable way to earn a living -
once you understand how to connect with your students and build your teachng practice.

If you honestly want to deepen your yoga practice or begin to develop a successful yoga teaching career,
you won't want to miss our online Yoga Teacher Training course.
This online program is a great way to begin your journey in becoming a successful yoga teacher. 
Along with learning more about the practice and teaching of yoga, this program also fulfills most of the non-contact hours for our in-person 200 hour yoga alliance program. 
The goal of both this online course and our in-person teacher training programs is to help you deepen your yoga practice and to build your confidence in your practice and your teaching, so that you may find your
own voice within the yoga community.  In this course, you will learn about both the physical  and mental aspects of yoga practice, as well as how you can incorporate yoga philosophy into your practice and your daily life in ways that benefit you or your students.

In the Yoga Education Institute's Yoga Teacher Training Program, you'll learn:

    Our yoga teacher training program covers all of the following areas of yoga teaching:

    •    Yoga history and styles of hatha yoga

    •    Yoga philosophy and how to incorporate that philosophy into your own practice

    •    Yoga teaching methodology, practice techniques, and sequencing for hatha yoga

    •    The steps, benefits, alignments issues, modifications and teaching techniques for over 120 illustrated yoga postures

    •    Physiology of breathing, and Pranayama (breathing exercises)

    •    Teaching and practicing meditation and relaxation

    •    Anatomy of Movement for Yoga

    •    Business Planning and Developing a Successful Yoga Business

      You'll also receive tons of reference materials in both text and video form.

Here's what just a few of our recent students have to say. 

"As a yoga practitioner, I became interested in teaching yoga. As I researched many yoga websites and yoga teaching programs, I discovered the Yoga Education Institute and registered for the online program. I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed the program. It has enhanced my appreciation for yoga and my yoga practice. One of my favorite parts of the program is the yoga business success. It condenses cutting edge business practices into an easy to read and understand business program that will inspire you to start your own yoga business. Thanks to
Nancy Wile and the Yoga Education Institute, I have become a more enlightened yogi, teacher, and person. Namaste." -- Tracy Rosenfeld

"The teacher's training course from Yoga Education Institute is detailed but very well organized and user friendly.  I am a regular yoga practitioner
and have been exposed to many writings on the subject, and I regard the study materials here to be impressive in both depth and style.  It helps
not only expand knowledge of the tradition, but also provides useful insights into the practical aspects of the practice.  The course give you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and time, but with the constant guidance and support of Nancy, who is a very responsive and encouraging teacher.  Here assessment of my assignments were so comprehensive with such valuable pointers and advice that it has helped me build not just confidence as a teacher but also improve my own yoga practice.  Some yoga teachers are very spiritual and others more physical.  Nancy's course combines both these attributes perfectly to fit into a true modern day yoga guide."  -  Smeeta Dutta

"The Yoga Education Institute provides a great opportunity for anyone to gain knowledge about Yoga at their own pace, and in the comfort of
their own home.  Nancy always sent me prompt feedback on any questions and concerns.  She always has a positive way of encouraging students and correcting mistakes in a positive manner as well.  I would recommend this program to everyone.  The Yoga Education Institute will provide
you with the knowledge to find your true self." -- Cynthia Lawson

What about the style of yoga we train you to teach?

The Yoga Education Institute trains yoga instructors in Hatha Yoga.

  • Hatha yoga is the science of physical and mental self-control through the practice of physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation.  This is the most common practice of yoga and encompasses many other more specialized forms (such as iyengar, yin, ashtanga, vinyasa, etc).

    Within general hatha yoga there exists a number of variations that form their own distinct style, including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Heated, Anusara, Vinyasa, Restorative, and many more.  This program begins your training in general hatha yoga with an emphasis on developing an individualized approach to your teaching or your practice. 

     In this teacher training program, you will learn how to make your yoga classes accessible to a wide variety of individuals through the use of modifications and variations.  We will outline for you how to focus on the specific physical and mental benefits of yoga, while providing a safe and supportive environment in which your students feel comfortable trying new things. 


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    Get your copy of our Free Report:

    "Questions to Ask Before Starting a Yoga Teacher Training Program" and our Free E-Book "Teaching and Practicing Warm-Ups"




    You may want to know more about the qualifications of our founder: Nancy Wile 

    Nancy Wile (E-RYT 500), the founder of Yoga Education Institute, created the online teacher training program and works individually with
    each student who registers for our program.  She has been practicing yoga for over 25 years and has been training yoga teachers
    (through RYT 200 and RYT 500 programs) for over 10 years.  She has a doctorate in education from Columbia University and, along with teaching yoga and training yoga teachers, she has spent much time teaching and developing health and wellness programs. 

    In addition to founding Yoga Education Institute, Nancy is also thte founder of Yoga To Go - a yoga organization that brings simple and effective yoga programs to busy people around the world - and the founder of eZen Yoga - an online yoga studio, offering fully interactive online yoga
    classes in real time..


    Again, let's discuss the aspects of yoga that are covered in the program

    Our yoga teacher training program covers all of the following areas of yoga teaching:

    •    Yoga History

    •    Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Styles

    •    Yoga Methodology (successful yoga teaching practices)

    •    Asanas (yoga postures - including standing, balancing, seated, inverted, and lying postures)

    •    Sequencing for different styles of hatha yoga

    •    Pranayama (breathing exercises)

    •    Meditation and Relaxation

    •    Anatomy and Physiology

    •    Yoga Business Planning and Yoga Teacher Ethics

    You probably want to know what you need to do to complete the program

    Your assignments for the teacher training homestudy program include:

         1) A written exam based on the Yoga Education Institute's Teacher Training Manual

         2) A 2-3 page written review of one of the recommended readings

         3) Completion of a practical exam: submitting a video of yourself teaching yoga (actual

              class or demonstration)

         4) Completion of a yoga practice log

         5) Submission of a signed yoga teacher ethics form


    What if you try the program and decide it's not right for you?

    Our program is 100% guaranteed.  If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, simply email us within 60 days for a full refund.  We want
    to help you become a successful yoga teacher, or to deepen your own practice.  If our program is not for you, we are more than happy to refund your entire order, no questions asked.


    And, after you complete the program, you will continue to receive our full support

    Your satisfaction is our number one priority.  Once you sign up for any of our programs, you have unlimited access to me and the resources
    of the Yoga Education Institute.  I am more than happy to answer any questions you have via phone or email.  Upon completion of the program, you will receive your Introductory Yoga Teacher Certificate and a letter of recommendation from the Yoga Education Institute.  Beyond that, we
    are happy to offer you any continued support or help for as long as you like.


    Is this program recognized by Yoga Alliance?

    We are a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance.  We have an in-person weekend program and an in-person intensive that both lead to
    the 200-hour certification.  While the online course does not fulfil the requirements for the 200 hour certification, it is recognized by Yoga
    Alliance as fulfilling non-contact hours towards certification.  Once you complete the online program, you have the option to complete the necessary in-person yoga teacher training in California or at another in-person site to complete all your requirements for your 200-hour yoga teacher certification with Yoga Alliance.  By completing the online course first, you will save yourself time and money if you decide to go forward and complete our 200 hour program.  Having the 200 hour registration with Yoga Alliance is not a requirement to teach yoga or to obtain
    professional liability insurance, but if you would like to take your teaching credentials to the next level, it is a good option. 
    Please contact us if you would like more information about completing the 200 hour program:


    Just how valuable is this program?


    In our Yoga Teacher Training Program, you receive the following:


    1) Detailed instruction of our yoga teaching practices (Value $195)

    You'll learn our step by step yoga teaching practices that will bring more students to your yoga classes and keep them interested.  We'll show you simple ways to create the best possible yoga experience for your students and how to create an environment that will keep your students motivated and interested in your classes.  Other yoga teacher trainees have paid over $200 to attend a seminar just for this information alone.


    2) Step by step instructions, benefits and teaching points for over 110 illustrated yoga postures and yoga exercises (Value $95)

    Many yoga teacher trainees pay hundreds of dollars to receive manuals that are less comprehensive and complete.  Our training manual, not only gives you the step by step instructions for getting students into each posture, it also describes the physical and mental benefits of the posture, the teaching points and modifications for each posture, as well as how to help your students explore and go deeper into each posture.


    3) In-depth coursework related to the breathing process and the anatomy of movement (Value $97)

    You not only learn the basics of these processes, you also learn how these sciences relate to yoga and how you can use this knowledge to develop well-rounded classes as well as yoga therapy programs.  You will learn the specific muscles that certain yoga postures can help to stretch and strengthen and how to develop a yoga class that incorporates every major muscle group.  You will also learn about the breathing process and how to help students use their breath more effectively during yoga class, so they may get more benefit from the class.


    4) Step by step instructions, benefits and teaching points for meditations, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. (Value $39)

    We'll take you through how to teach a variety of breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditations and how to help your students get the most from these practices.


    5) Support from the Yoga Education Institute and Nancy Wile (Value of at least $200).

    As a student in our Yoga Teacher Training Program, you have access to me and the resources of the Yoga Education Institute.  We want to hear from you whenever needed because we want you to have a great start on your journey to becoming a yoga teacher.


    6) The freedom to learn from home (Value at least $400)

    Through our online program, you decide when and where you develop your skills as a yoga teacher.  And, while you have the flexibility to set your own training schedule, you also have unlimited access to all the support you could ever need.


    7) Yoga class templates (Value $39)

    Use these templates for your yoga classes or use portions of the templates to help you create your own dynamic yoga classes.  The templates show you step by step ways to sequence your classes to create a smooth flow.


    8) Videos and transcripts of sample yoga class segments (Value $69)

    The sample video segments show you ways to sequence your classes to create a flow from one posture to another.  The transcripts help you learn to speak like a yoga teacher, making your instructions concise, direct and positive.


    9) Yoga Business Success E-Book (Value $59)

    There are many wonderful yoga teachers who struggle to make a living due to a lack of knowledge about business development and planning.  In this e-book, you'll learn the secrets to make your yoga teacher practice both personally rewarding and a financial success. 


    10) Free subscription to "Yoga Teachers Today" (Value $39)

    Yoga Teachers Today is our monthly newsletter filled with articles and tips to help you become the best yoga teacher you can and help you develop a successful yoga business.


    For a total value of $1,232.00.  But, wait, there's more...


    Upon completion of the Yoga Teacher Training Program, you will also receive...


    1) Certificate of Completion

    This certificate indicates that you have completed our course in teaching yoga from the Yoga Education Institute.


    2) Reduced Tuition and Training Time for the 200 Hour Program

    If you decide to continue your training and earn the Yoga Alliance 200 hour certificate with us, your tuition will be reduced for first completing the online program.


    How much will this program cost?


    Though we could charge much more for this course, we really wanted to make it accessible to anyone interested in teaching yoga.  It's important to me to spread the benefits of yoga to a wide audience.  So, that said, we have decided to offer this program for the low investment of only $267.


    Order the Yoga Teacher Training Program Now for only $267.

    So, let's recap what you'll be getting when you take advantage of this offer today.


    When you order the Yoga Teacher Training Home Study Program, you'll receive:

    •     -- Exceptional training in planning and teaching a yoga class

    •     -- In-depth knowledge of the history and philosophy of yoga

    •     -- Step by step teaching techniques that will help you learn how to teach yoga or deepen your own practice

    •     -- Guided meditations and breathing exercises (pranayama) you can do now

    •     -- Five yoga video segments that illustrate how to sequence your classes

    •     -- Yoga class templates to help you plan future classes

    •     -- Free support from the Yoga Education Institute

    •     -- Certificate of completion once you finish the course

    •     -- Information on recommended resources and readings

    •     -- Continuing education credit available for Yoga Alliance

    •     -- Access to our yoga community of teachers and free newsletters with helpful tips on developing a successful yoga business

    •     -- Access to any updates or additions to the program at any time in the future


    When you order the Yoga Education Institute's Yoga Teacher Training Program, you will also receive our iron clad money back guarantee.


              Our incredible "Better Than Risk Free Trial"

    If you are not completely satisfied that the Yoga Education Institute's Yoga Teacher Training Course offers you everything you need to deepen your yoga practice or start your yoga teaching practice, simply email us for a full refund.  No questions, no hard feelings, and you still get to keep all downloaded materials (worth $534) as our way of saying thank you for trying us out.



     What to expect when you order:

         When you order the Yoga Teacher Training course, you will receive a confirmation and email within 24 hours of your order

         that includes all instructions for downloading and completing each module of the course.



         If you have any questions, please email me.


    Order The Yoga Teacher Training Program Now

    Only $267.

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