Unlock Your Potential as a Yoga Teacher

We are a Registered Yoga Alliance School (RYS). Attend Our Summer Intensive this June (RYT 200)

Becoming a certified yoga instructor helps you provide safe and effective yoga classes to your students, while deepening your own practice. Through our program, you gain knowledge of the foundations of yoga (history, philosophy, teaching techniques, etc) in a systematic way that continuously reinforces and builds on what you know. Becoming certified allows you to obtain professional liability insurance, be eligible for additional yoga related jobs, and become part of the larger community of yoga teachers.

Choose Your Path

Full teacher training

Gain experiance and confidence in your abillity to effectivelly teach yoga to and deepend your yoga practice

Prenental Yoga Teacher Training

Learn how to help expectant moms enjoy a safe an effective yoga practice as she progressed through her pregnacy

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Plan yoga practice for kids that fit their developmental stages and keep them interested and having fun

Yoga Business Program

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Bring Teacher Training to Your Studio

Are you interested in bringing yoga teacher training programs to your studio or fitness center?We can help

In-Person Trainings and Workshops.

For Our Popular in-persone teacher training programs

RYT 200 Program

RYT 300/500 Program

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Bring Teacher Training To Your Studio

By learning you will teach; by teaching you will learn